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Quantum Vegatator (Prototype)

Turning an ordinary farm into an intensive operation with a constant 12-hour flowering rooms and multi harvests from cycling runs. Harvest anything from daily to weekly/fortnightly pending the size of your operation


Product Introduction

*Propagate and grow cuttings to flowering height

*Grow seedlings to flowering height plants

*Controls plant growth. Using timers

*Transplant anytime including same day transplant and flower

*Allows plant training and grading

*No root shock occurs

*On wheels making transplanting quick and easy.


Growing from Seed

To get the required number of equal looking seedlings, many more seeds need to be germinated. Excess seedlings do not go to waste. With Quantum's Unique intensive harvesting program all seedlings are used week by week.

E.G. You need 300 seedlings. Germinate 500 a week later pick out the 300 wanted remainders go onto next week. Germinate 300 seeds, pick from 500.

Carrying over seeds is not a problem as they can be transplanted as and when the need arises. Further control overgrowth can be obtained by using timers on Vegetator pumps (15 mins each hour)

This allows individual Vegetators to be slowed down allowing others to catch up

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