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Quantum Vegatator (Prototype)

This piece of equipment completes the Quantum farm range. Allowing cuttings or seedlings to veg too around 14 inches then be transplanted and put into flower the same day. No root shock occurs. No light time is lost in the flowering room. Quantum Vegatator is on wheels. Like the Quantum commercial system  ease of use is a by word. Taking harvesting and replanting time down to hours, not days.

The Quantum Vegatator could also be used in Experimental situations, Breeding programs and Sea of green.

New Product Introduction

Quantum Vegatator Similar to other products on the market until looking inside. Internals have been specially designed to allow the Vegatator to utilise the static electricity it produces These internals also allow the root structure to grow unfettered pony tails, not tangling roots to the other plants on the system making transplant a shock/tangle free affair.

Quantum Vegatator

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