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Quantumhydro is a two piece commercial cultivation system offering intensive farming operation keeping a constant 12 hour flowering room.

With a Standard operating procedure making cultivation an easier affair.

Clean and efficient with virtually zero recycling.

Starting in the Veg Room

  • Plant training, grading and selection goes on here.

  • The Vegatator system is 9 tubes creating a 10 foot X 4 foot bed with plants arranged @ 6 inch centres.

  • This size allows for trimming and defoliating to be carried out as they grow.

  • No plants get wasted using cyclic rotation.

Once flowering height is achieved tubes are removed placed on trollies and transported to the flowering room where a manifold and framework is waiting to accept the new induction. Feeds are attached (not shown). Setup is ready to go into flower same day as no root shock occurs.

Harvest Time

Plants are cut down then trollied off for drying. Tubes are removed these go for root recovery and cleaning. Meanwhile the manifold is ready for a flush through and new intake.

Harvest and replant time around 20/30 minutes for each system of 50 plants.


Quantum provides 3 revenue streams during use.

1/ flowers

2/ Excess leaf for juicing

3/ complete clean root structure

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