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Quantum Development

Starting back in 1983 reading about and experiencing phytophthora, Root rot first hand in NFT and Ebb and flow systems that I had built myself. Thinking to myself and expressing with others, that there must be a better way. Watching UK hydroponic system manufacturers over the years changing system designs to try and get around the problems, not only Root rot there were other problems bugs and fungus gnats from systems being open. Last ditch attempt considered DWC dropping the idea due to the amount of nutrient involved, and the difficulty in linking the systems.


Still wanting a fuss free commercial system, experimenting went on using an array of different troughs and buckets, success still eluded. Then one day, talking with friends, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon came into the conversation. Thoughts going back to History at school and pictures of terraced gardens along the Nile. The penny dropped. N.T.T. Nutrient Trickling Technique. (My name's sake) the inventor/architect probably never thought of it that way, he was just building a kick ass display. The Hanging gardens of Babylon was built with clay blocks/bricks. Water was pumped up and ran over the staircase, trickling over, and around the roots no soil was involved. Over time there may have been a layer of leaf mulch, effectively shading the root structures Clay being virgin soil it is full of micronutrients, the water eroded the clay at the same time feeding the plants


The hanging gardens of Babylon were fabled to grow large plants. The fact is It did! More like huge plants! Over the years of R+D.  Having plenty of WOW and OMG moments. (you will have them) Found some strange things happening. Bud growing from the centre of the odd leaf here and there. 2 inches of growth overnight in the flowering stage.

Then one time had smaller plants on 1 unit compared to the other, so put the pumps that had the larger plants on a timer 12 hours on 12 off. A few days later the smaller plants were close to the same size, switched pumps back on 24/7. Come harvest time the smaller plants ended up a bit bigger. but why? I repeated and again the same thing happened, then I discovered this

N.T.T. creates static electricity.

Static electricity is the plants turbo charger.

Did the origin of the H.G.B come from the stars? It's old enough.

The moral of the story?  -  If you want kick ass plants use Quantum hydroponics. We're a bit like Ronseal, we do exactly what it says on the tin.