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Offering the worlds first cannabis cultivation franchise


Quantum Hydroponics Services

Offering the worlds first cannabis cultivation franchise

Design specific equipment turns your farm into an intensive growing operation

Quantum Hydroponics is

growing by numbers

Using nutrient dosing equipment, alarms warn you before reaching any critical limits

Quantum's design has a S.O.P. Unlike anything seen taking harvest turnaround time down to hours not days

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Quantum comes in two parts

The Vegatator

Grow seeds or propagate cuttings, Allowing plant grading and training. Growing on to flowering height. plants can be transplanted anytime and flowered the same day, No root shock occurs.

Quantum Main System

50 plants on a 10 feet by 4 feet spread of 5 Quantum tubes which can be linked making runs to suit your facility

Quantum equipment is suitable for single level or vertical applications.


For further information please contact.  Production estimates are available with a floor plan of your farm


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07742 999 509


About Us

Starting back in 1983 reading about and experiencing phytopthora, Root rot first hand in NFT and Ebb and flow systems that had built myself. Thinking to myself and expressing with others, that there must be a better way.


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